Our People Our Strength

Our people make the difference. Ambium Finance has a team of professionals with deep expertise in the fields of investment management, real estate, Insurance, Loans and financial planning. Our blend of superior technical skills and strong inter-personal skills enable us to help our clients successfully address complex financial challenges. The company is spearheaded by Sh. Sushil Singal, A renowned banking & financial Specialist with over 20 years of experience, Mr Ajay Singla, a new age business graduate and tech savvy under the able and visionary leadership of Sh Suresh Singla, a seasoned developer and partner in variety of real estate projects. Come meet with us and get to know our highly-effective and caring team of dedicated professionals. Our team engages in continuing education and meetings on a regional and national level to further exchange information with other professionals so we may better serve you.

Mr. Sushil Singal

Award-winning professional banker with almost two decades of unmatched experience in retail banking with a plethora of financial institutions – traditional and contemporary. He is backed by a proven performance record that has seen him explore new avenues, develop strategy establish franchisee networks. Possessing a prized ability to establish sound relations, he brings unparalleled portfolio to the table.

Mr. Ajay Singla

The young and spirited management graduate, driven by ambitious and flourishing ideas that are rooted in extensive research, Ajay Singla with his traditional chain of thought lends contemporary vitality that adds incomparable value to the portfolio. Every aspect of the business is critically reviewed by him in detail and this thoughtful approach allows him to present the best options to the clients.

Mr. Suresh Singla

A seasoned developer of the region, who is often credited with identifying viable real estate projects and backing them towards the road to success, Suresh has delivered some of the largest and most sought after commercial and residential projects of the region . His insight and experience is able to recognize assets that are a sure shot win.

Ms. Renu Singal

Commerce graduate and a seasoned finance professional, Renu Singal provides day to day insight to back end operations and to the team with her expertize. She keeps an eye on full proof documentation, timely processing and right follow up to the various allied activities. .